Luk Lak



Premium Vietnamese restaurant with modern “Indochine” architecture located in the heart of Hanoi, 3 minutes walking from The Hanoi Opera House. Luk Lak is a great combination of traditional and fusion Vietnamese cuisines. With the well-known Chef Binh from the best 5 stars hotel in Hanoi to create a “WOW” menu with fresh and local organic ingredients.

Our Chef



After 25 years working at Hanoi Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel – a professional environment with strict requirements on service quality, Madame Bình has come to Luk Lak with a solid foundation of traditional Vietnamese dishes, get ready to be creative for a new journey.

During trips along with the flow of rivers, nuturing a vibrant cultural region and rich local cuisine, Madame Bình was determined to bring The Taste of Journeys back to the dining table at Luk Lak. Each trip is vividly recreated through dishes not only with taste, but as if you are walking on the cloudy cliff of Y Ty mountain, immersed in the golden sunshine of Quang Tri, or stopping by the Gianh river bank with its water sparkling in one summer afternoon.

Together with Luk Lak, Madame Bình tries to bring out The Taste of Journeys to all of our beloved customers.

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